Nevada Academy of Physician Assistants

Urgent Action Needed for Nevada PA OTP Bill AB328

Posted 29 days ago

Dear Nevada PA,

We are very excited to share that NAPA has secured introduction of AB 328 in the Nevada Legislature! This bill aims to achieve Optimal Team Practice for PAs in Nevada and needs a STRONG showing of PA support! The bill will be heard on Monday, March 25th at 1:30 PM in the Assembly Commerce and Labor Committee. NAPA Is working diligently to advocate on your behalf and we need your help to get the bill passed in the legislature. Please take a moment to follow this link to submit comments TODAY and ask your colleagues and friends to do so in support of PAs as well.  
The bill does the following:
  • Revises Nevada PA laws to allow PAs to more effectively and efficiently deliver health care by allowing PAs to consult with a physician or other qualified medical professional, as indicated by the patient’s condition and the standard of care, and in accordance with the PA’s training, experience, and current competencies.
  • The physician-PA partnership is described as “collaborative” rather than “supervisory” to better reflect current practice.
  • Adds two PAs to each of the state’s allopathic and osteopathic licensing boards (NSMBE and NSBOM)
  • Makes PAs responsible for the care we provide to patients
  • Allows PAs to be eligible for direct payment
  • Authorizes PAs to place a license on inactive status when not practicing as a PA in the state
Please click here to submit comments supporting this PA positive OTP bill.
Sample message:
As a (insert area of practice) PA practicing in (insert area of the state) I STRONGLY support AB 328 relating to modernizing and improving PA practice. As the state of Nevada faces a significant physician shortage of nearly 2,561 physicians as most recently reported in the 2018 Physician Workforce report by the University of Nevada, Reno, PAs are ready and eager to help increase patient access to care but need an optimal team practice environment in place to do so.  PAs believe Optimal Team Practice occurs when PAs, physicians, and other medical professionals work together to provide quality care without burdensome administrative constraints. 
I support this bill because it increases patient access to care- and patients are the PA’s priority. Eliminating the requirement for a PA to have an agreement with a specific physician will enable practice-level decisions about patient care teams. The bill also seeks to add two PAs to both of the state’s medical regulatory boards to ensure the PA voice is represented within the regulatory board tasked to regulate the PA profession. As the PA profession celebrates over 50 years of providing safe, high quality care, I look forward to Nevada updating its laws to improve patient access to care and PA practice in the state. 
(Add personal example of how this bill will improve your practice.)
Next steps: Please be on the lookout for messages from us as the bill continues to move through the legislature. We will need your continued outreach to legislators to ensure a strong showing of support for the bill.
We appreciate your support in advancing PA practice in Nevada! Please contact me if you have any questions.
Brian Sady, DMSc, PA-C, DFAAPA, President
Nevada Academy of PAs