Nevada Academy of Physician Assistants

NAPA BOARD MEMBER ELECTIONS 2019- Call for nominations!

Posted 11 months ago

Attention all Nevada PAs!!  We have several board positions open and we need YOU to play a larger role in the future of our profession here in Nevada. 


Call for Nominations for NAPA is open May 15-May 30th 2019

Open NAPA Positions:


President-Elect – executive position. Must have served on NAPA board to run for this position.


1 Southern Nevada Director at Large Position

1 Northern Nevada Director at Large Position

1 Rural Nevada Director at Large Position

House of Delegate Representative (2)


Important Considerations:

Executive Board members (President (3), Secretary and Treasurer) must be willing to co-sign checks for the corporation which includes providing your social security number to NAPA financial institution.  The executive board may also have additional phone meetings above and beyond the entire NAPA board and exclusive to the executive board.

Previous leadership experience recommended but not required!  It is more important that you have a desire to get involved and move the PA profession in Nevada forward!

You must be able to attend Board of Director’s meetings 1-2 times monthly.  Exact dates and times to be determined based upon the schedule of the current BOD

All members of the board must be NAPA Fellow members in good standing and executive board members must also have fellow membership in AAPA

Length of office and specific responsibilities are detailed below


Particular positions:


President Elect - This is a one year position with a progression year two to President and year three as Past President.  It is therefore important to understand all three roles.  During year one you will serve as President Elect.  During this time your primary responsibility is to vote as a member of the BOD, become a signatory on NAPA banking documents and observe the role of President. You also may, if you wish, attend AAPA leadership training conference with funding from the BOD to cover your travel expenses. During year two you will serve as President with responsibility for scheduling BOD meetings, delegating tasks to members of the BOD as required, forming committees to perform specific purposes, and provide leadership for NAPA.  During year three your primary responsibility will be as a resource to the President and President Elect and perform such other tasks as may be assigned from time to time by the President or BOD.


Treasurer:  Oversight of NAPA bank account including monthly reconciliation and preparation of report to be reviewed monthly by the BOD, Periodic preparation of NAPA budget for review by BOD as desired by Treasurer and requested by BOD, Prepare and sign NAPA checks and provide oversight and keep records to meet Bylaw requirements for checks exceeding $200.  Treasurer shall ensure that records are sent to NAPA accounting firm for preparation of annual IRS forms.  The treasurer shall keep an account of all monies received and expended for the use of the corporation including the ability to pay recurring corporation expenses. 


Director at Large:  This is a non-executive NAPA board position.  Requirement is only to be a fellow membership level of NAPA and participate in monthly board meetings to represent the perspective of the region you are representing: Southern, Northern, Rural Nevada PAs.  Additional responsibilities could be assigned from time to time by either the BOD or the President.

House of Delegates Representative (2 positions) - In total there are 3 HOD representatives.  The term of office is two years with the possibility of serving as the Chief Delegate the second year of service.  The Chief Delegate shall hold the sole vote of the HOD representatives for the BOD.  HOD representatives must be licensed the the State Board of Medical Examiners or the Osteopathic Board and be both a NAPA and AAPA fellow.  NAPA budget includes travel/expenses for annual conference up to $1000 annually.


Send all nominations to by May 30, 2019. Voting will be June 10-June 25th.  You may nominate yourself or others to any of the open positions, however, you will be contacted by the NAPA treasurer to gather appropriate information and confirm eligibility.  Please include in your email the position for which you wish to run or the position to which you are nominating someone else.  If you are running for a position that requires AAPA fellow membership (President Elect, Treasurer, HOD Rep) please include your AAPA membership number as valid membership must be verified before the election.