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Posted about 1 month ago by Brian Lauf in Membership

To join NAPA's free membership trial, please follow the instructions below:
We are having a membership drive and offering the first 6-months at no cost to licensed PAs in Nevada. The Trial Membership is single-use and will require you to enter your Nevada License and NPI number for verification. We will notify you near the end of the 6-month trial to renew your membership as a Fellow or Associate member. Members who enroll using the trial period option shall have all the privileges of the corporation but shall not be entitled to vote or hold office.
You may ask, “what does NAPA do with my membership fee,” find out by joining a committee or run for an elected position (only Fellow and Associate members can hold certain elected positions)! Volunteers complete all of NAPA’s work. Without paid memberships, NAPA cannot effectively pursue the advancement and modernization of PA practice in Nevada. We need every PA to participate—Power in Numbers!
Steps to Sign Up to Become a NAPA Member:
• Below the NAPA logo in the top left, click “Become A Member”
• Step 1: Update Account Info Required fields: NV License, NPI (with lookup tool)
• Step 2: Choose Trial Membership (Free – 6 months. Must register by June 30, 2021)
• Step 3: Complete Application
• Step 4: Finish and Pay (Free for 6 months. Notification will be sent at the time of renewal.)
• Explore the NAPA website!
Additional Info:
• Existing members who are expired can use the trial membership option without creating a new account.


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