Nevada Academy of Physician Assistants

Optimal Team Practice for Nevada PAs!

Posted over 1 year ago

          NAPA is in the process of filing two bills for the 2019 legislative session. The first bill will grant PAs broad signatory authority on most forms and documents in the state. This signatory authority will help streamline many processes for PAs at the practice level. This bill will also add two voting PA members to both medical boards. For decades PAs have had no voting representation on their boards in Nevada.

          The second bill is implimenting Optimal Team Practice for PAs in Nevada. Optimal Team Practice was created by the AAPA, and passed into national professional policy in 2017. Optimal Team Practice removes the state mandated link to any supervising or collaborating physician. Optimal team practice promotes practice level quality assurance measures based on the PA's education, training, and experience. NAPA believes that this bill would help to increase access of care, decrease healthcare costs, and create a fair competitive marketplace with other providers like nurse practitioners who have full practice authority.

          For more information about OTP please visit the AAPA OTP site here: