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Emergency Temporary Abolishment of Restrictions

Posted about 2 months ago by Mary Anne Kidwell

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The Coronavirus pandemic has hit everyone in a multitude of ways. Over the last week, NAPA and AAPA have sent letters to Governor Sisolak requesting the temporary emergency release of restrictions for PA's during the pandemic emergency. 

Hopefully, the Governor will see what an asset to the state PA's really is. See the letters attached for further information.


Domonique Katona 1 day ago

This is something worth fighting for. I was saddened to see that Gov Sisolak did not explicitly include PAs in Emergency Directive 011.
I hope he will see PAs for the force that we are and will change the laws accordingly. Thank you NAPA and AAPA for fighting for Nevada!

Laura Schmitt about 24 hours ago

Hi Mary Ann! Did you happen to read the article in the RJ about the Sahara clinic that was shut down? There was a misleading line that stated the nurse practitioner left which only left PAs so they had to shut the clinic down. That might be a good example for the governor to give us independent practice authorization. Although I dislike comparing us to nurse practitioners, but I do think it’s important to highlight our education and training in order to provide the Governor with information to obtain a comfort level of our training.

Brian Lauf about 22 hours ago

Excellent work NAPA leaders!

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