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Posted 5 months ago by Brian Lauf

Are We ready to move Nevada from last to first in the West? The 81st legislative session (February 1, 2021) is coming fast! Brian Sady graciously assumed the position of Chair, Government Affairs Committee (GAC), and your advocacy is needed! Consider joining the GAC or offer to be a PA contact in your Nevada State Assembly District and Senate District, and/or Congressional District. We can talk to legislators until we are blue in the face, but stories about your practice, your patients, your struggles to increase access and provide high-quality care to Nevadans will be what moves Nevada forward

Let's Do This!

Brian Lauf, President

These six key elements should be part of every state PA practice act:

  1. “Licensure” as the regulatory term
  2. Full prescriptive authority
  3. Scope of practice determined at the practice level
  4. Adaptable collaboration requirements
  5. Chart co-signature requirements determined at the practice
  6. No restriction on the number of PAs with whom a physician may collaborate


KEVIN BAILEY 5 months ago

Ability to write for handicap placards with the DMV.

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