Nevada Academy of Physician Assistants

Changes to the Board of Directors

Posted 5 months ago by Brian Lauf

The Executive Board, under the advisement of the BOD, appointed Ben Prohaska to fill the open President-Elect position. Ben has served NAPA for many years in several positions, including President in 2015. The President-Elect position is crucial to the success and continuity of the Board. Ben will undertake an initiative to grow NAPA’s membership and support the Board in the upcoming legislative session. Ben’s appointment created a vacancy in the Chief HOD position.

Ashley Cole will assume the Chief HOD position and will prepare to lead the Nevada Delegation at the upcoming AAPA virtual HOD session scheduled in November. Please contact Ashley (you can send a message through the NAPA website) regarding the upcoming AAPA HOD session. Title Change Investigation will be a hot topic this year! The Executive Board will appoint a new HOD member without undue delay.


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